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Torvik personal training San Antonio is owned by Matthew and Derrick Torvik, sons of Ginger Torvik, the owner and founder of Torvik Martial Arts which is where their journey all began. In 2003, Ginger, with no experience in martial arts, took six of her seven children to a small taekwondo class at a homeschool co-op in San Antonio, TX. They instantly loved it and each began working hard on reaching their goal of black belt which takes a minimum of three to four years. Ginger started teaching taekwondo at a homeschool co-op in La Vernia, TX, just minutes from the family’s hometown of Adkins all before she even became a black belt. Matthew can remember assisting her in classes when he was just a nine-year-old purple belt.

The moment Ginger and the rest of the family knew they wanted to do this long term was when their longtime instructor moved to Oklahoma and Ginger was asked to take over the class that they had been a part of for so long. Their business steadily grew from there as they added homeschool co-ops all over the city to their portfolio. They even opened a dojang (training studio) on their property by renovating what used to be an old rodeo barn and had 20-30 students training there. They now teach in eight co-ops including two Great Hearts locations in San Antonio and they opened the doors to their newest addition to their gym/dojang in August 2022 which has come a long way since their very humble beginnings in 2006 where they would often training in 40 degrees in the winter and 100 degrees in the summer with only heaters and fans to make it somewhat bearable. They now have a large, beautiful, air-conditioned facility that has seen hundreds of people come through its doors for taekwondo, HIIT sessions, and personal training san antonio.

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In addition to taekwondo, Matthew and Derrick transitioned to fitness and personal training san antonio. Both of them have been passionate about fitness from a very early age, both running competitively from the time they were ten years old to eventually running D2 cross country and track & field at Dallas Baptist University. Teaching taekwondo from the time they were eight years old made them natural instructors and the art of taekwondo solidified the discipline and respect they had so they could teach a healthy lifestyle through fitness and personal training san antonio. They have now been coaching for years and love the gratification that comes from people’s lives being changed forever through setting goals, being disciplined, and working hard.

Our coaches at torvik personal training san antonio are not your average coaches. We have a small-town culture of people who genuinely care about each other. To us people are not just a number, but an important individual who we care about. You will find people here who are friendly, welcoming, and who will know your name. This has been our style since we started teaching taekwondo back in 2006. No Matter what you are coming to us for, if it’s to lose weight, maintain fitness, or build muscle, we take ownership of those goals and make sure you hit them as quickly as possible. We believe in doing the most with the one life that we get and the one body that we get and that means getting strong and healthy and staying that way forever so that nothing holds us back from doing and experiencing the things we want to do. At torvik personal training san antonio we can help you thrive and really enjoy your life. When you feel good everyday, you have the energy to take on whatever challenges life throws your way.

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Core Values – community, hard work, discipline, fun

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Community is our first core value at torvik personal training san antonio. Without community it is almost impossible to do anything. We believe strongly in having people around who keep you accountable, who encourage you, and who believe in you. This is the staple of our training style. We are here for each other, whether its high energy group HIIT workouts where you have an obvious community of people working together, or you are doing a personal training session and have a trainer who sincerely cares about you, your life, how you are doing, and will keep you accountable and encourage you toward your goals. Community is what holds us together and makes torvik personal training san antonio what it is.

Our second core value is hard work. Hard work is what makes it happen. There is no secret to hitting goals, losing weight, building muscle, and even just maintaining. It will always take hard work and there is no way around that. At torvik personal training san antonio we fully embrace this and encourage every member to do the same. Hard work is a lifestyle – it is never giving halfway no matter what you are doing. When we work hard we are almost guaranteed to hit our goals.

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The third core value is discipline. This comes after hard work because we first work hard and then we KEEP working hard and that is what discipline is. It is getting up when you do not want to. It is showing up to the gym when you do not want to. It is eating healthy when you do not want to. It is saying no to that piece of cake even though it looks delicious. Discipline is a staple for us because it is how we will make this lifestyle of health and fitness and reality. Anyone can work hard for a week, but will you have discipline to keep it up for a lifetime?

The last is FUN because we like to have fun here at torvik personal training san antonio. We know that people get bored with what they do sometimes so we try our best to keep things fresh and not take ourselves too seriously. We like to laugh and be goofy sometimes and make our gym an environment where you can be comfortable and be yourself. Our goal is to make every workout session a fun experience for you!